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What is Family Mediation

Professional family mediators act as neutral third parties to help ex-partners have conversations about the issues surrounding their break up.  

Mediation is often the quickest and best way to address concerns and differences relating to children, property and money. The mediator helps both parties jointly decide what you need to sort out and how to make decisions together. When the mediation finishes, both parties are provided with summary documents giving you or your solicitor all you need to finalise a court order, meaning this is a quick and efficient means of resolving problems.


Achieving the best outcome for your family

When relationships break down, families face a lot of challenges. Among these are practical considerations such as “what arrangements will be best for any children?” and “what will happen with finances?”  This is all emotional subject matter and can cause anger, frustration or distress if you and your ex-partner do not agree.  Our mediator is highly trained and experienced in finding and developing the best route to work with both parties to achieve the best possible, most productive outcome for your family.



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